The Low Hanging Series

Improve your Software Development skills with these short, actionable books. Easy things, huge results!

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Low Hanging Software Architectures

Amazing software architectures insights. ​Basic architecture concepts that are easy to learn and apply, and bring​ lots of value and results to your project.

By Yugo Sakamoto.

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Low Hanging Talks

4 places and 5 presentation styles that you can apply today to share your knowledge. Actionable tips that beginners and experts alike can use to deliver engaging presentations.

By Bruno Souza.

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Low Hanging Code Smells

Spot and fix code problems in your project, bring value to your team, and become an awesome developer.


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Low Hanging Java Challenges

Grow your Java skills with 6 challenges that will put your knowledge of important Java features to the test!

By Rafael del Nero.

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Low Hanging Machine Learning

Add Intelligence and Machine Learning to your Java project with 6 concepts and 3 tools that you can apply today!


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